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The Gourd fruit was the inspiration source for the design idea, precisely its shape, and the way it's been used as a bottle "especially in Asia" so this is was the motivator to design a bottle for olive oil that's looks like a gourd. The inspiration points were taken:
1- Curved smooth surface
2- High neck
3- The changeability of the diameter
4- The nozzle form (end of the neck).




Orpetron team worked hard to deliver a special unique looking oil bottles besides considering the ease of use and ensuring that the form follows the function by considering the following points:
1- The original unique design (shape, wood cover, colors, illustration)
2- Easy to carry with considering the diameter size
3- Easy to control the flow amount of the liquid during usage.
4- Stands well and cannot be fallen easily
5- It gives the brand a big chance to be memorable
6- Can be used as a vase



Package contents

The bottle consists of three parts: 1- Glass Bottle 2- Olive tree wood cover 3- Silicone part in the cover for complete isolation.




For the body of the bottles, the soda-lime glass was chosen over the clay-based ceramic because glass is fully recyclable materials and strong even with a medium range of thickness. For the upper cover of the bottle, olive tree wood was chosen with silicone area for complete isolation, wood performs better when it comes to food keeping and serves longer than other materials, the cover also covered with insulator material to reduce liquid absorption. also, the silicone area can be removed and cleaned easily.




FBottles are in round shapes with different capacities. The outside surface is matt to decrease sliding risk during usage. Glass surface with 100 % recyclability. Organic olive wood cover with a silicone part. The outside surface of the wood part will be covered with glossy material to ensure that wood cover will not be affected by liquids and the smell of other materials.




The type of research followed throw this project was Qualitative research and the main research objectives were: 1- Knowing the general pros and cons of market bottles 2- Choosing the right materials for each of the bottle, cover, and the isolator of the cover 3- Knowing the trends of packaging design in the UK and Europe. The methodology was been taken was making research on the internet and researching local markets similar products. Orpetron team was involved to complete the research part of the project and the bottle design was submitted to a community of designers and non-designers throw A/B testing several times throw the design process stages.



The hardest part of the design process was creating a good isolator part that prevents liquids from leakage and combining it with the wood cover, after researching, the silicone was the best choice so after the right material was chosen the second problems came away, first, How the silicone part will stick well and won't be removed while using? second, How to smooth the movement of the cover while using after combining the silicone part? After studying some products that use silicone parts the solution started to appear especially after designing several prototypes.



another color option

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